Vanamaa Art Educational and Cultural Trust was established in 2005 by Lionade V.J. Prasuna, Lion. V.S.D.P. Pulla Rao and Dr. Prabhu Kumari Vanama with the underlying objective of promoting, developing, creating, sustaining and improving the art and cultural heritage of India. The prime aim behind the constitution of this Trust is to promote research for the advancement of knowledge, skill based and vocational training and education of every kind to the youth as well as to the elders. This Trust is actively indulging in encouraging the young students with awards and prizes and a befitting example for this is the instituting of rolling shields at the Loyola Institute of Vocational Education at Loyola College, Loyola College, Chennai. The primordial motto of this Trust is to promote the poor and the indigent human folk of all ages and of all communities without any distinction of caste, creed, community, religion etc., mainly through its academic activities and the outcome of this genuine effort is the furthering of the immortal art forms of Indian Classical Dances and Music by organising cultural programmes in India as well as abroad.
1. Instituting shields for students at LIVE, Loyala College, Chennai.
2. Book Release at Raj Bhavan, Chief Guest Dr. Konijeti Rosaiah His Excellency The Governor of Tamil Nadu, Chennai on 29th August 2016.
3. National Seminar with the University of Madras, 8th & 19th August 2017.
4. Symposium with the Pondicherry University, 23 August 2019.